Greg Lipper Quoted in Report on Legal System’s Treatment of Teenage Brains

Partner Greg Lipper is quoted in a new article, from the Society for Neuroscience’s, about how teenage brains are treated in the adult world. In particular, Greg addressed courts’ use of brain science in criminal and constitutional cases, in which 18 is often but not always “a legally significant age.” In “a worst-case scenario,” he added, “information about the teenage brain could be used to limit the rights of teenagers even more than they are limited now.”

The article is entitled The Teen Brain in a Grown-up World, written by Kayt Sukel

Greg’s practice includes criminal defense, appellate and Supreme Court litigation, and First Amendment and other constitutional cases. Among many cases involving the intersection of constitutional rights and the criminal-justice system, Greg recently filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court, on behalf of a group of prison book clubs, detailing the problem of book censorship by state and federal prisons.

Gregory Lipper