Clinton Brook & Peed Amends, Expands Lawsuit Against New York Giants

Clinton Brook has filed an amended complaint in the racketeering lawsuit against members and associates of the New York Giants football team.

The original lawsuit, Inselberg v. New York Football Giants, Inc., et al., was filed in Bergen County on January 29, 2014. After languishing in a jurisdictional dispute in federal court for eight months, the case finally returned to the New Jersey court in November. The defendants then filed motions to dismiss, complaining primarily that the complaint lacked sufficient detail regarding the allegations. Accordingly, the amended complaint includes significantly more detail and supporting evidence for the allegations.

The amendments also add new parties to the case. Two other Giants fans who bought fake Eli Manning memorabilia have joined as additional plaintiffs, and three additional defendants have been added, including sports memorabilia dealer, Steiner Sports, and the Giants’ PR director, Pat Hanlon.


Martin Bricketto, Expanded Suit Says NY Giants, Eli Manning Sold Fake Merch, Law360 (Jan. 20, 2015)


Brian Brook

Gregory Lipper