Greg Lipper Comments on Government Filing in Major Reproductive-Rights Case

Partner Greg Lipper commented in Slate on the federal government’s recent filing in the ongoing litigation over the reproductive rights of undocumented teenagers in government custody. 

In the recent filing, the government sought the right to disclose information about abortions recently obtained by 19-year-old Jane Roe and 17-year-old Jane Poe. Because it is detaining Roe and Poe, the government compared its interests to those of parents, who have free-speech rights to share information about their children. Lipper, an expert on the First Amendment, discussed the flaws in this argument, observing that “parents have rights to do all sorts of things—require their children to attend church, regulate their children’s speech, ground them without due process of law, etc.—that the government plainly may not do to people in its custody.”

Lipper practices in our Washington, DC office. 

Gregory Lipper