We are deeply committed to vindicating our clients’ civil rights and we do so in a range of contexts—challenging law-enforcement abuses, race and sex discrimination, and First Amendment violations, as well as unique violations under statutes like the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Our commitment to our clients’ civil rights is reflected in our partners’ experience: One of our partners spent previously spent over five years litigating First Amendment cases for a national civil-rights organization and previously advised news organizations and reporters on First Amendment issues; another has been recognized for his pro bono work on behalf of American Arabs.

Among the cases handled by our lawyers*:


  • Negotiated six-figure settlement on behalf of an African-American family who was racially profiled while trying to open an account at a national bank for their non-profit organization serving at-risk youth.

  • Negotiated six-figure settlement for an American-Arab factory worker subjected to racial epithets and wrongful termination.

  • Negotiated significant monetary settlement and major policy changes at multinational corporate employer, on behalf of entry-level employee subjected to a hostile work environment and wrongful termination on account of national origin.

  • Advise national nonprofit organization seeking equality for women in sports.

First Amendment

  • Represented plaintiffs in Supreme Court case presenting challenge to government-sponsored prayer at town council meetings.**

  • Represented students opposing University of Notre Dame’s free-exercise challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive-coverage regulations.**

  • Obtained asylum for Eastern European journalist after trial in federal immigration court.**

  • Represented individual in free-speech lawsuit against Tennessee county that excluded speech in public forum on account of viewpoint.**

  • Represented minority religious organization discriminated against by Florida state government on account of their religious views.**

  • Represented the Newspaper Association of America before Congress in connection with federal reporters’ privilege legislation.**

Other Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Cases

  • Represented parents in high-profile wrongful-death lawsuit against federal government resulting from murder of our clients’ kids by a terrorist militia operating out of Fort Stewart.

  • Negotiated six-figure settlement for client illegally incarcerated for nearly two months.

  • Represented plaintiffs in a class-action constitutional challenge to Alabama’s ban on marriage by same-sex couple.**

  • Prepared series of amicus briefs, including at the Supreme Court, supporting challenges to federal abortion restrictions.**

* Some listed matters were handled while the firm was in a general partnership called Clinton Brook & Peed.

**Matters handled by partners before joining the firm